It’s Back to School Time!

It’s Back to School Time! Check out our back to school articles:

Back to School Resolutions for Parents
Each new school year is a chance for children to start fresh and establish new routines. As you send your children back to school this year, consider making a few resolutions of your own to make this a successful academic year. Most importantly, share the list with your child to help set expectations for both of you.

Getting Your Children Ready for School
Perhaps getting your child school ready involves more than buying things. Maybe supplies are not what you need to supply for your child to get them off to a good start this school year. Learn more from Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman.

The Top Three Back to School Tips
There are a million back-to-school tips out there and if you try to follow all of them, you’ll run yourself ragged before the first day of school. Here are Paula Statman’s top three tips. They cover family communication, planning ahead and organizing routines, and safety.

Help Reset Your Child’s Internal Clock before School Starts
While buying our children new school supplies may help tip the scale towards eager anticipation, it’s much more important to help children to prepare for their school year by making sure they’re well rested. Parents can help their children get off to a good start by readjusting their sleep schedule before school begins. Patti Teel shows us how.

SCHOOL SHOPPING: Less is better for your wallet and your kids
It’s back-to-school shopping time. This year, do your kids a favor by NOT buying them everything they claim they need. Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. explains why.

Back To School Basics
At the start of each new school year, new (and sometimes old) challenges tend to crop up. This year, make your parenting efforts pay off and use your energies to make lasting changes in your home for a smooth and productive school year.

Twelve Must Do Rules for Back to School!
Some parents will wait to the last minute to get everything in order but it need not be that way. Here are a few tips by author Jodie Lynn to squash back-to-school stress… before it gets the best of you.

Backpack Safety for the Back to School Crowd
Did you know that backpacks can cause headaches, back shoulder and neck pain, muscle spasms and tingling in the extremities? Did you know this pain can and is occurring in children across the nation? Find out what you can do to ensure your child stays safe with the right backpack and proper usage.

Nutritious Back-to-School Breakfast
With kids heading back to school, it is more important than ever that they eat a balanced breakfast to help them focus and behave well. If your child is nervous about new courses, classmates and teachers, a special meal will ease jitters and honor the special day.

Practical Off-to-School Routines
There are simple routines you can add to your child’s school day that will create a stress-free learning experience for your little one. Vicky Lansky shares her tips with us.

Pack a Healthy School Lunch Your Kids Will Eat
Are you sick of making the same ol’ lunch for your kid everyday? Is you kid sick of eating the same ‘ol lunch everyday? Start the school year out right by getting creative while helping your kids stay healthy.

Organizing Your Teen Daughter for School
Girls’ fashions can be rather frightening to her parents these days. How can you do your school shopping with her and keep your sanity? Rachel Paxton shows us how.

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