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Caffeine During Pregnancy
There is no question that many of us love our morning cups of coffee, or tea. The true question, which is very important for a pregnant woman to understand is why, and how, caffeine affects the mother’s body-and the subsequent affect of that cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to her unborn child.

Reducing Sibling Rivalry
If our two-year-old sees me hugging her four-year-old big brother, she’ll rush over – saying loudly, “No! My mommy! Go away!” – and try to push him away. He’s getting more and more frustrated with her and starting to push back pretty hard. Their squabbles are already probably the biggest single source of stress in my life — and it’s getting worse. Nurture Mom columnists Rick Hanson, Ph.D., and Jan Hanson, L.Ac. answer this difficult question.

Just a Few Weeks Early: Breastfeeding Challenges in Late-Preterm Infants
The initiation of successful breastfeeding can be especially challenging for smaller, developmentally immature, late-preterm infants. If your baby is born between between 34 and 36 weeks gestation, getting adequate help for successful breastfeeding is especially important.

Pregnancy Complications Success Stories
Several new success stories have been posted in our pregnancy complications center. Many thanks to those who have contributed! It’s incredibly helpful for parents going through a high risk and/or complicated pregnancy to read success stories from parents like you. If you’ve had a successful outcome after a high-risk and/or complicated pregnancy and would like to write your story for us, we’d LOVE to include it in our cubby.

Read Your Baby’s Sleepy Signals
A good way to encourage good sleep is to get familiar with your baby’s sleepy signals, and put her down to sleep as soon as she seems tired. A baby cannot put herself to sleep, nor can she understand her own sleepy signs.

Turning Green as a Stay at Home Mom
Being a stay at home mom means you’re there to set a great example for your children. Wouldn’t it be nice to show them how important you consider helping our planet to be? Learn more from author Stephanie Foster.

Cloth Diaper-views!
We’ve added some new diaper-views in our cloth diaper cubby. Interested in cloth diapering? Check out the cubby and the latest diaper-views from parents like you. Submit your own diaper-view while you’re there!

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