Baby Names Hot Topic – Influence of Family & Friends

How much do family and friends influence your choice of baby names? Do you pick something else if you know your mom hates the name? Do you thumb your nose at her? If your sister uses a name that you love, do you select it too or find something else? Share your sphere of influence with us!

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Stacie June 11, 2014 at 10:26 am

Our family doesn’t influence us one bit. We always ask for suggestions but our families don’t have any specific desires or requests so it’s pretty much just our decision.

DH and I have decided that names of cousins or their children are off limits though. We see and spend time with extended family several times a year and it would just be awkward to have two people with the same name. And our grandparents would have to remember two grand/great-grand children with the same name.

One thing that makes naming baby easy is that we don’t tell anyone our name choices before the baby is born. Part of the reason is because we’re not 100% sure of the name until we see the baby anyway. But it’s nice not to have people who wrinkle their nose or make hurtful comments about the name of our child. By the time the baby is here our families can’t help but love the baby, goofy name or not.


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