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Parents of Multiples Forever
For parents who lose one or some of their multiple birth children

Waiting With Love
For Parents Who Choose to Continue a Pregnancy Knowing Their Unborn Baby Will Die Before or Shortly After Birth


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Mom and BabyStorkNet Family is a network of sites celebrating life. Created by Doerr Consulting, these sites are a part of a warm, rich network owned, not by a huge company, but rather mothers, small business owners, and most of all women, who recognize the need for women to explore beyond the confines of their homes . . . women growing through the trials and tribulations of life from the teen years through menopause and beyond.

Featured this Week:

When the New Baby Name Isn't Exactly a Hit
The time has come for you to finally name your new baby, you're happy with your decision and have signed the birth certificate and put in your request for a social security card. You anxiously await visiting hours so you can tell all of your visitors the wonderful name you've selected and upon doing so, they stare at you as if you named your son Plum or your daughter Zeus. Hmm, what's a parent to do?

Exploring Womanhood:
The Funky No-Sew Fleece Purse
Looking for something casual, yet funky? Well this no-sew fleece purse is just the ticket! Go from scrap to fabulous in a mere hour to hour and a half. Enjoy our newest no-sew fleece project.

Married Romance:
One Magic Strategy for Your Relationship
Whether you are in a happy time with your partner right now or experiencing stress, there is one powerful, easy strategy you can use by yourself to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your home, almost instantly! Learn more from author Susan Page.

EriChad Grief Support:
Intimacy After Loss ~ "Since my baby died, I no longer have the desire to be intimate with my husband. He's being very patient, but I know he wants to make love. It's been months, but making love is how we got into this situation and somehow, it feels wrong to want to feel joy right now. What can I do?"

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