Breastfeeding Hot Topic: Older Child’s Activities Basket

BA0940If a newly breastfeeding mother has an older child, it’s nice to set up an activities basket next to the “nursing station,” so that the older child has some special activities they can do while the baby is nursing.  This could make a nice gift as well.

We’re looking for ideas for items that would work in an activities basket for a child whose mother is establishing breastfeeding with a newborn. What special things could be in that basket, just for that older child?  What activities could Mom help with, one-handed?

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snfrocks July 29, 2014 at 12:37 pm

From our message boards:

From acorn: Paper dolls & Felt storyboard

From KBeee: Sippy cup, small bags of treats such as Goldfish, books, books, and more books!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I sit down to breastfeed, my other 2 always pounce on the couch with a handful of books! Other ideas are things such as a Magna Doodle and Color Wonder Markers and paper. My kids also have a little tape recorder in their basket. They love to record themselves and play it back!

From MJ: I constantly had to find new things to amuse my 2-year old while I nursed. She would get very clingy and whiny as soon as the baby needed me! You have to be careful with them (choking hazard,) but I bought a big bag of beads and a package of pipe cleaners and she would sit near me while I nursed the baby and make bracelets. I’d recycle the beads at night after she went to bed. I kept some lacing cards for nursing time too, and a few small Lego and Playmobil sets that she could only play with when supervised. Puzzles, barrel of monkeys game, colorforms – actually it didn’t matter what it was as long as she hadn’t seen or played with it in a few days. Sometimes I would set her up at the kitchen table with paints, play-doh, or stamps, or as a last resort I’d flip on the TV.

From hedra: Books I could read to them ‘over the baby’, or that they could read to the baby and/or the other siblings. Gabe would cuddle up on one side, Brendan on the other, and Gabe would read a story to all of us. Or I’d read a story to them. Blocks or cars they could play on at my feet (we got one of those ‘roads/town’ rugs and put it in front of my usual nursing station, so they could zoom around on the roads while I watched – me being able to watch them, and really WATCH them while I was nursing someone else seemed to be the biggest deal for my kids – so activities that they could do themselves, while I ooh’d and ah’d were ideal). Magnadoodle, definitely. That’s mainly what my kids tended toward. They wanted to show off for me to applaud (that is, ‘you love the baby, but you still watch ME, lookie what I can do that the baby can’t do yet!’ – anything that instilled pride and a sense of ‘mommy cares’), and anything we could cuddle up and do *with* the baby, that said ‘we’re all in this together’. . . I’d also recommend a book for handling sibling issues for the mom, in the basket or along with it. I did read “siblings without rivalry” while nursing Brendan . . . and it helped!


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