Breastfeeding Hot Topic: Ideas for Breastfeeding Mom’s Gift Basket

BA0940I am hoping to put together a gift basket for a mother I know who will be breastfeeding and is having her baby in August. What should I put inside the basket, to help her get nursing established and to encourage her to take this time to focus on herself and the baby?

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snfrocks July 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm

From our message boards:

From clover: Cheap items . . .
* breast pads (disposible and/or washable)
* Lansinoh
* EBM storage bags
* a good breastfeeding book or two
* an large insulated cup for keeping drinking water handy
* burp cloths (gerber disposible diapers make great burp cloths).
* Bottles and nipples made for nursing babies (like Avent) especially if mom intends to return to work.

More expensive items . . .
* Nursing clothes and/or bras (BRAVADO is awesome) or a gift certificate to a place that sells these items.
* A good hand pump like Avent Isis
* A boppy pillow

From Lil’SingingMama: I suggest the Lansinoh disposable breast pads ~ these things are a lifesaver for me! Also, in case she has engorgement pain, I really liked the Gerber gel pads that can be either warmed or cooled and are reusable. Just my opinion, but I hated the Soothies (for nipple pain) and wouldn’t put them in a basket; not only are they expensive, they hurt! I should write a review on them, lol.

From Margaret: I was thinking things like a really good water bottle with the insert that keeps it really cold, a couple good dvds (the kind you can relax in front of for the many hours those first few weeks), some healthy snacks (fresh fruit, juices, etc.). Oh, and a lazyboy if you can fit it in the basket!

From eviesmom: We put together a breastfeeding basket to be raffled off at a baby fair and we included several things already suggested as well as a box of mother’s milk tea and a copy of “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.” It was a big hit at the fair.

From Geannie: In addition to all of the things above, maybe an inexpensive nursing top or nursing PJ’s? I never had one until my DD was 18 months old and I have to say that I LOVE the nursing PJ’s!

From acorn: Along the idea of bottles (and obviously only appropriate if you know that mom and baby are going to need to use some bottles), since I’m going back to work my friend sent me a whole collection of different bottles (one each of Avent, Dr. Brown, etc.–must be about 6 different brands) knowing that different babies will like different bottles. I thought it was a nice idea since now I can just try them all instead of trying one, not having baby like it, buying another, etc. (Of course, given that I have a whole collection, what do you bet he takes to the first one I try!). Oh, and one item that hasn’t been mentioned that would be classified on the expensive end would be a stool for her feet.


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