StorkNet Family is a network of sites celebrating life. Created by Doerr Consulting, these sites are a part of a warm, rich network owned, not by a huge company, but rather mothers, small business owners, and most of all women, who recognize the need for women to explore beyond the confines of their homes . . . women growing through the trials and tribulations of life from the teen years through menopause and beyond.

This site is our blog designed to incorporate your voice. You’ll find lots of hot topics where you can add your thoughts and experiences, as well as polls, surveys, and links to relevant articles on our StorkNet Family sites.

Maribeth Doerr, Editor

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StorkNet Family sites:

  • StorkNet.com – from the time you want to conceive until your child is grown up, StorkNet has something for all ages and stages of family life – Channels include family planning, pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding, family life, stay at home moms, working parents, and those tough issues such as infertility and pregnancy loss
  • PregnancyGuideOnline.com – our week by week look at pregnancy
  • ExploringWomanhood.com – our site for women – Channels include mind, body soul; relationships; home life (gardening, crafts, homemaking, holidays, etc); and tough issues such as domestic violence and rape
  • BooksforFamilies.com – book reviews for the whole family (in the process of being updated and revamped but still useable)

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