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Building friendship & intimacy through the trials of life

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Parents of Multiples Forever
For parents who lose one or some of their multiple birth children

Waiting With Love
For Parents Who Choose to Continue a Pregnancy Knowing Their Unborn Baby Will Die Before or Shortly After Birth


Writer's Guidelines

The StorkNet Family of websites is always looking for fresh, interesting and/or helpful content to share with our members and visitors. At this time, we are not financially able to offer compensation for submissions. However, we will include an author bio and a link to your website and/or book (provided we find your website appropriate for our members/visitors). This is an excellent way to showcase your work!

We are currently accepting articles for the following sites:

  • ~ articles should be related to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or parenting.

  • Exploring ~ articles should be related to the women's mind, body or soul. We're accepting essays for our Tough Issues area as well.

  • Married ~ articles should be related to keeping the spark and intimacy alive in marriage.

  • EriChad's Grief Support Sites ~ articles should be related to coping with grief, support, moving on, memorializing, or personal stories.

To submit your article:

  1. Please proofread before sending. It sounds basic but it's very important. Please use a complete blank line between paragraphs. Spell out abbreviations such as ultrasound for u/s, appointment for appt, and spell out symbols such as "and" instead of &, "pounds" for #, etc. Please use 1/2 instead of the fraction symbol. Spell out numbers under 10. For more information, please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style.

  2. Submissions should be pasted into the body of your email rather than sent as an attachment. Type "ARTICLE SUBMISSION" in the subject line along with the site you're submitting to (ie ARTICLE SUBMISSION for Exploring Please click here to email your submission.

  3. Length should be 500 to 1500 words (excluding author bio).

  4. Please include a statement that says you give permission to StorkNet Family to publish your article on whichever site you're submitting to (StorkNet, Exploring Womanhood, Married Romance, EriChad).
We try to respond to all submissions but because of a small staff and heavy workload, we cannot guarantee a response to all submissions. If you do not hear from us within one month, you can assume we were unable to use your material.

We will not publish anything that is a sales pitch for a product, business or website, anything that demeans another individual, or is otherwise incompatible with our websites.

By submitting your article, you are representing that you are the original author, and you are responsible for the accuracy of your material. Also, by submitting your article, you give us permission to publish your work on our sites and to edit for length, grammar or typos if necessary.

We look forward to working with you!